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Mark Mendizza — A Review of Ted Hughes' "Shakespeare and the Goddess of Complete Being"  

D. Claudia Thompson & Bruce E. R. Thompson — "Shakespeare on the Orient Express"

Bonner Miller Cutting — Lady Anne Clifford & the Appleby Triptych
"A Countess Transformed: How Lady Susan Vere Became Lady Anne Clifford" 

Sally Mosher — 
"English Music in the 16th Century: Court & Countryside"


Earl Showerman — "Shakespeare's Much Ado's: Alcestis, Hercules, & Love's Labour's Wonne"


Roger Stritmatter — Shakespeare and de Vere’s Geneva Bible"O Brave New World': The Tempest & Peter Martyr's De Orbe Novo" [Strittmatter & Kositsky]

Charles Beauclerk — "The Earl of Buford - Why the 17th Earl of Oxford is the Real Shakespeare". "The Psychology of King Lear" 

Alex Ayres — "Wit & Wisdom of Shakespeare—aka Marlowe" 

Julia Jones — "The Brave New World of Giordano Bruno" 

Sabrina Feldman — "Swallow and The Crow: The Case for Sackville as Shakespeare"


Louis Ule — "The Shakespeare Apocrypha"

Ib Melchior — "The Tombstone Cipher"

Irvin Leigh Matus — "Shakespeare in Fact—the Stratford Man"


Peter Dawkins — "The Shakespeare Spear Shakers" — Franchis Bacon and his Pens


Dr. Steve Sohmer — "Julius Caesar & The Julian Calendar"


Hank Whittemore — "The Monumental Story of the Sonnets"


Professor Stephan May — The Courtier Poets: Dyer, Essex, deVere


Robin Williams — Sweet Swan of Avon: Did a Woman Write Shakespeare? (re: Mary Sidney)

Professor Gary Taylor — The First Folio & Booksellers

Mark Rylance — Backstage discussion on Measure for Measure

Tom & Jean Seehof — Undressing Shakespeare (Elizabethan dress)

Charles Marowitz — Recycling Shakespeare for the Contemporary Theater

Elliot Baker — "In Defense of Delia Bacon"

Susan Naulty — Edward de Vere Documents at the Huntington Library

Diana Price — "Elizabethan Men of Letters - Is Shakespeare the Odd Man Out?"

Professor Alan Nelson — Cambridge and Oxford, University Wits

Richard Paul Roe — Shakespeare’s Italian Itinerary

Ruth Loyd Miller — William Cecil and Royal Wardship


Dr. Rima Greenhill — "From Russia with Love –Diplomacy in Love’s Labour’s Lost".

Terry Ross — "Thomas Sackville, Lord Buckhurst—the Other Earl as Shakespeare"
Professor Ward Elliott — Claremont Computer Clinic: Stylometric Studies

Betty Talvacchia (Getty Center) — Giulio Romano—Shakespeare’s Sculptor
Jane Roe — Life of John Lyly

Louis Fantasia — Reconstructing the Globe with Sam Wanamaker

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