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Unorthodox Bio

by Diana Price

"Shakespeare’s Unorthodox Biography: New Evidence of an Authorship Problem" includes an arsenal of new information and powerful arguments.

Byan Wildenthal.jpg

Early Doubts

by Bryan H. Wildenthal

Published in 2019 this book catalogs authorship doubt BEFORE the death of Shakespeare in 1616.

Sweet Swan of Avon.jpg

Sweet Swan of Avon

by Robin Williams

A detailed case for Mary Sidney as a participant in the Shakespeare canon. New evidence shows a direct connection to the First Folio especially.

Mark Rylance.tif

Keep Questioning

by Mark Rylance

An article in the Atlantic from June 2019 that encourages the continued debate for the sake of education and discovery.

Tanya Pollard.jpg

Greek Tragic Women

by Tanya Pollard

"Greek Tragic Woman on Shakespearean Stages", a scholarly work connecting Edward de Vere to the bard through Greek drama.


Shakespeare Unfolded

by Delia Bacon

19th Century upstart who revived the authorship question for the modern age.

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