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Our First Ever Video Contest!

The Shakespeare Authorship 2023 WHODUNNIT CONTEST...
was a big success. We got some wonderful videos and here are the prize winners. We hope to do this again in 2025 for our 40th Anniversary. 

  • There is no definitive evidence connecting the man from Stratford as the author of the works of Shakespeare, during his lifetime.

  • There is no evidence linking the supposed author's life with the contents of the works.

  • There is no evidence that the man from Stratford attended school nor are there any letters or documents in his hand.

  • There is no evidence that the man from Stratford ever claimed to have written the works, nor is his name spelled the same.

  • There is no evidence that the man from Stratford had the requisite, specific knowledge on display within the works of Shakespeare.

  • For more intricate evidence that something is amiss, click HERE.

Why We Sponsored This Contest...




Honorable Mentions

Some Possible Candidates
William Shakespeare, Queen Elizabeth I, Edward de Vere, Christopher Marlowe, Francis Bacon, Mary Herbert Sidney, Emelia Bassano, Fulke Greville, Roger Manners, Thomas Sackville, William Stanley, John Florio, Sir Henry Neville,
Sir Thomas North, Lewes Lewknor, Thomas Dekker, Robert Devereux, Elizabeth Trent, John Florio,
John Lyly, Sir Francis Drake, Michael Drayton, Sir Edward Dyer, John Fletcher, William Herbert, Thomas Heywood,
Ben Jonson, Thomas Kidd, Thomas Middleton, Anthony Munday, Sir Walter Raleigh, Edmund Spenser, Thomas Watson, 

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