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"By The Book" - A Shakespeare Authorship Quarterly Book Club

Together we Read 4 Books per Year!

10 weeks to Buy the Book & Read it.

Hippolytus, a play in five acts by Gregorio de' Monti 


O, sir, we quarrel in print by the book, as you have books for good manners.  I will name you the degrees. The first, the Retort Courteous; the second, the Quip Modest; the third, the Reply  Churlish;

             -- Touchstone from As You Like It

Please join us for a a very special group read of an Italian play, first published in 1611. Hiding in the Folger Library in an anthology of Italian plays from 1500-1700, Robert and Edward Ayers believe that 'de Monti is possibly the same author who penned Othello! They paid for a translation into English and we are lucky enough to get a first look at it before its pending publication.

What happens in the SAR book club stays in the SAR book club on this one! We will provide a pdf of the play, but it cannot be shared elsewhere under any circumstances.

We will begin the ongoing group email on July 7th, including some "read aloud" Zooms TBD. We'll end with a final Zoom get-together in September, with Ed Ayers.  

It's a community, not a class so no pressure to do it perfectly. Note, you must participate to the best of your ability from the start in order to attend the final Zoom.

Saturday, September 14th,
10 AM
Pacific Standard Time

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