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The Shakespeare Authorship Roundtable has held meetings

in and around Los Angeles for over 35 years.

2022 - 2023

3-Speaker Event: "Did Many Hands Make Light Work?"

Michael Delahoyde: "A Song, a Dance and a Rail."

Ros Barber: "The Case for Marlowe as Author & Co-Author."

Elizabeth Winkler: "New Thoughts on the Authorship Question."

Robert Prechter: "Was Thomas Nashe a Person or a Persona?"

This whole season available on YouTube

2021 - 2022

3-Speaker Event: "Alchemy & Metaphysics in Shakespeare's Time."

Alexander Waugh: "John Dee & the Shakespeare Authorship Question."

Sabrina Feldman: "Discoveries that Change the Future of the Shakespeare Authorship."

Robin Williams: "Does Shakespeare Write Like a Girl?"

Robert Prechter: "Who Wrote George Peele's 'Only Extant Letter' and who was the real George Peele?"

This whole season available on YouTube

2020 - 2021

 "J. Thomas Looney Centennial" - Bonner Miller Cutting

"Shakespeare's Greater Greek" - Earl Showerman 

"The Countess of Pembroke and the Sonnets" - John Yeomans

"The Dark Lady: Southampton, Devereux & Devere" -  John Hamill

"The Thomas North Candidacy" - Michael Blanding & Dennis McCarthy

This whole season available on YouTube


2019 - 2020 (last in person season)

"How Christopher Marlowe Became Shakespeare" - Ed Ayres

"Hiding in Plain Sight - Early Authorship Doubts" - Bryan H. Wildenthal

"Shakespeare's Puzzles, Pembroke Plays and Sonnets" - John Yeomans


"Love’s Labors Found in the Italian Archive" - Michael Delahoyde

"The Life of Thomas Sackville, a Lord Treasurer Whose Poetry Paved the Way to Shakespeare" - Sabrina Feldman

"Henry V: Sources, Dates, and Venue" - Ramon Jimenez

"Are the Editors of the First Folio Hiding in Plain Sight?" - Bonner Miller Cutting

“Power Games: Jewels in the Time of Shakespeare” - Sally Mosher
“Botanical Shakespeare” - Gerit Quealy
“Penelope, Avisa and the Dark Lady” - John Hamill
“Literary Fraud in Elizabethan England” - Sabrina Feldman



"Shakespeare and the Stars - The Hidden Astrological Keys to Understanding the World’s Greatest Playwright” - Priscilla Costello
“A.C. Swinburne vs the New Shakspere Society” - Jeffrey Kahan
“Shakespeare’s Secret Jews” - Ben Donenberg
“O Brave New Will: Images of Justice & Intolerance in Shakespeare’s Plays” - Louis Fantasia

“Return of the Knights Templar” - Michael Henry Dunn
“Elizabethan Censorship and Punishment” - Bonnie Miller Cutting
“Shakespeare & Torquato Tasso” - Ron Tasso
“The Definitive Case for Marlowe” - Alex Ayres


“Marlowe's Ghost in "As You Like It” - Dr. Steve Sohmer

“A Brief History of Stylometrics” - Professor Daniel Wright
“Nothing Truer Than Truth: A Documentary about DeVere & Italy” - Cheryl Eagan-Donovan
“A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Shakespeare’s Aristophanic Comedy” - Dr. Earl Showerman
“DeVere vs Sidney: Tennis & Pseudonyms” - Gerit Quealy


“Shakespeare and the Goddess of Complete Being” - Mark Mendizza
“King John's Bastard Prince” - Professor Daniel Wright
“SPECIAL EVENT at the Belasco Theater in New York City” - Mark Rylance

(Co-sponsored by the Shakespearean Authorship Trust)
“More Russian Intrigue in Love's Labor's Lost” - Rima Greenhill
“Shakespeare Goes to Hollywood” - James Ulmer

“Early Sources of The Tempest” - Professor Roger Stritmatter
“Shakespeare & the Alchemy of Gender” - Lisa Wolpe
“Othello's Guide to Italy” - Sylvia Crowley Holmes
“Shakespeare & Politics” - Louis Fantasia
“Shakespeare & Spiritualism” - Professor Jeffrey Kahan

“The Patronage of the Countess of Derby & the Stanley Co-Heiresses” - Dr. Vanessa Wilkie
“Shakespeare's Ghostly Tragedies” - Dr. Earl Showerman
“Music in Elizabethan England” - Sally Mosher & Sylvia Crowley Holmes
“Eternal Numbers: Shakespeare Sonnets Refigured” - Marty Hyatt
“Sleuthing Shakespeare and the Masons” - Helen H. Gordon


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